About me
Welcome Dolls! First of all I would like to thank you for coming on my blog because without you, my blog would be worthless.
Anyways, My name is Ana, i'n 17 years old, I blow out my candles on November 19th, I'm a Scorpio.
My blog consists of all the things I love about celebs, luxury, travel, beauty, fashion, food, designs and glamour.
I absolutely LOVE talking to followers, so don't be shy! xoxo

She is my bestie
She is my slut
Blogging since May 2010
I track the tag dashingluxury

My obsessions
Owls, Gucci, Justin Bieber, perfume, reading, money, Calvin Klein, photography, fake nails, Hollister, Dior, Kendall Jenner, tea, star bucks, diamonds, Zayn Malik, Victoria’s Secret, daydreaming, music, Chanel, write, jewelry, Francisco Lachowski, cats, Prada, heels, reading, coffee, Niall Horan, shopping, and more.
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Anonymous: who's the girl in the kissy face gif you just reblogged? is that some actress? 

Is an actress, her name is Denise Richards

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thats-so-vintage: The other day I remembered that like 2 years ago -maybe less- I used to reblog stuff from your blog and I wanted you to follow me or notice me sooo hard. I've not told ya but when you did I was like "omg is this even happening?!" and once you told me you liked my blog and I was freaking out haha It's a crazy thing because we are not like very similar blogs but you have always inspired me in some strange way. That's it. I wanted you to know <3 

Awwww! thank you so much!! i love you

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Anonymous: Do you ship Larry? 

Yes! I’m Larry shipper!

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tikitanned: Hey i love your blog! Followed. Check out mine? X 

Thank you!. Followed :)

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ra-dical: Your blog is actually my fave 

Thank you so much!! *-*

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adorableluxury: loooooove your blog so much (: 

Thank you so much!! i love yours! 

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truerosesecrethopefulfaith-deac: your blog :D i love it everytime i make a new tumblr i love to follow you always :D sorry if i stalking you but its so perfect <3 

Thyank you so much!! ily! :)

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irenebabycakes: I love your blog !! Mind checking mine out and maybe follow 😊 

Thank you!, i like your blog, followed :)

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vintagepages: Hey lovely! I haven't been on tumblr for a while and I stumbled on to your blog again. Just wanted to let you know that I still love the things you post and your blog is still one of my favs :) keep it up! 

Thank you so much!!! i love your blog! :) xx

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heyhully: your blog is awesome. can u check out mine? xoooxo 

Thank you!!, i like your blog! followed :)