About me
Welcome Dolls! First of all I would like to thank you for coming on my blog because without you, my blog would be worthless.
Anyways, My name is Ana, i'n 17 years old, I blow out my candles on November 19th, I'm a Scorpio.
My blog consists of all the things I love about celebs, luxury, travel, beauty, fashion, food, designs and glamour.
I absolutely LOVE talking to followers, so don't be shy! xoxo

She is my bestie
She is my slut
Blogging since May 2010
I track the tag dashingluxury

My obsessions
Owls, Gucci, Justin Bieber, perfume, reading, money, Calvin Klein, photography, fake nails, Hollister, Dior, Kendall Jenner, tea, star bucks, diamonds, Zayn Malik, Victoria’s Secret, daydreaming, music, Chanel, write, jewelry, Francisco Lachowski, cats, Prada, heels, reading, coffee, Niall Horan, shopping, and more.
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Anonymous: Be happy :) Somebody out there loves your smile. I wish you all the best. <3 

Awwww!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <3 i love you! :D

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adorableluxury: hi there beautiful (: i just want to leave a message behind in your ask box, hope you have/had an amazing day and you doing well - btw your blog is so stunning i just love it, thought you should know this 

Hi! Thank you soooo much sweetie! ily

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Anonymous: aaah... cool i have a bi friend haha i even kissed her and stuff but yeah... i hope you'll get better and don't be too sad dear 

Yeah i kiss my friends too (when i don’t have a gf o bf). Well i don’t think i will find someone better than her :(, but thank you

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Anonymous: so you're bi? 


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Anonymous: wait you're a guy? 

No, I’m a girl

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gorgeousglamourr: Love your blog, girl! Definitely one of my faves! <3 xo 

Thank you so much sweetie, i love your blog! :)

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unaffordable-dreams: Could I get a blog rate? 


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vanillacoffeedreams: hahaha just kidding :) 

ok :)

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Anonymous: u are gay? 

Its “are you gay?”, and no, i’m not gay