About me
Welcome Dolls! First of all I would like to thank you for coming on my blog because without you, my blog would be worthless.
Anyways, My name is Ana, i'n 17 years old, I blow out my candles on November 19th, I'm a Scorpio.
My blog consists of all the things I love about celebs, luxury, travel, beauty, fashion, food, designs and glamour.
I absolutely LOVE talking to followers, so don't be shy! xoxo

She is my bestie
She is my slut
Blogging since May 2010
I track the tag dashingluxury

My obsessions
Owls, Gucci, Justin Bieber, perfume, reading, money, Calvin Klein, photography, fake nails, Hollister, Dior, Kendall Jenner, tea, star bucks, diamonds, Zayn Malik, Victoria’s Secret, daydreaming, music, Chanel, write, jewelry, Francisco Lachowski, cats, Prada, heels, reading, coffee, Niall Horan, shopping, and more.
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nothingbutflawless replied to your post: Why is everyone unfollowing me? :(

they cant handle your perfection

So true! haha love you! <3 xx

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sandyhearts replied to your post: Why is everyone unfollowing me? :(

Your blog is soo perfect I don’t know how anyone could unfollow you♥

Thank you so much sweetie! i love you and your blog! ♡ xx

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trulyglamorous replied to your post: Alguien de España que se quiera casar …

Dudo, que tumblr sea el lugar indicado para encontrarlo :’(

Bueno debía intentarlo u.u, en verdad quiero a alguien de España! amo el acento! *-*

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chanelblissxo replied to your post: When i’m active people unfollows me an…

yup, but I Just find it humorous

I find it curious… hahahaha

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the-classy-lady replied to your post: My cellhpone is broken!! omg!!! this w…

I feel so sorry for you! Stay strong girl! You can make it through this week!

Thank you doll!! n.n

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eternally-euphoric replied to your post: anonymous asked:Who are your favo…

AWWWWW, I love talking to you too! :)

ily <3 n.n

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n-y-c-lux replied to your post: I’m back!!, omg i missed you so much g…

Welcome back! ♥

Thank you! <3 :D

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fadiingaway replied to your post: 17k!! yay!! :D

Congratulations :)

Thank you! :)

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cauldronbarbie replied to your post: I can see Justin ending in rehab and I…

I can see justin ending like cobain, monroe, winehouse. Miley will probably end the same way too.

Yeah, and that scares me a lot!!!! :’(

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nevidjeno11 replied to your post: Lately i’m having anxiety problems and…

I think you should really, but really talk to somebody and let all the pain go away. If you want, you can write in my box… I’ve passed it already. I was going through the same. I wish if I could help you..

Thank you!! <3 n.n